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Pottery Vase

Pottery Vase

The pot is meant to represent our embodied reciprocal relationship and responsibility to the Land. The adult figure on the vase is nude and positioned as a fetus. Growth and becoming is an iterative process that does not end with adulthood, but is informed by our practices of reciprocity with each other and with the world we grow from.


Jaz is a settler identified, non binary artist and scholar. They are currently focusing on digital storytelling methodologies, community gardening as care work, and narrative pottery practice.



Image Description: 


There are four sequential photography’s that depict a vase from different angels. The vase is large and rounded, with organic and irregular lines and walls. The mouth of the vase is oval and narrower than the widest part of the vase and the inside is ribbed. The vase is an eggshell white with an all over grey/black speckle. An image is visible that has been painted under the white glaze. It depicts a person with long hair curled in a ball with their face tucked in to their knees. Their hair flips over their shins, and rather than wrapping their arms around their legs as though to contain themselves, their arms are soft and behind them. They are naked. Around the figure swirl large leaves that stretch horizontally across the vase.


instagram: @rex.ceramics

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