Birchbark beaded earrings

Birchbark beaded earrings

Aniin, boozhoo. Nibidibik Shkode'kwe Enimiit indizhinikaaz, Mi'ingan ndoodem, Chisasibi ndoojibaa. My english name is Kalie Ekomiak and I am an Inuk woman from the shores of the James Bay.


Many of my teachings come from the life knowledge of the Anishinaabe people of the North Shore of Ontario. I was raised in a small town in Northern Ontario where being Inuit was seldomly heard of. Much of my life I had wished to be zhagaanosh where blue eyes and blonde hair would have been my ideal. Today, I am proud to say I am Indigenous and embrace myself exactly for who I am. I made this art piece out of pure joy. I bead with intent of love and hopes of finding my own creative energies. I find serenity in beading and discovering my newfound creativity. As a recovering addict, much of my healing is put into my work. That is, if work is what you call it.


I don't consider myself an artist but as someone who enjoys seeing what she can create. As a way to give back to my community, I decided to donate this piece to the Native Arts Society. I am hoping that this piece will bring someone as much honor and pride as it did to me in making it.


All the many thanks. Or as we say, naqurmik, miigwetch.